Photos That Show Why the Supreme Court Affirmed the Right to Be Rude:

Let's get a couple of things straight here: Almost no one actually supports the Westboro Baptist Church, a handful of inbred, dick-faced, walking cumstains whose accumulated intelligence and number of teeth drag the human species a few rungs down the evolutionary ladder to that level where throwing one's own shit is seen as a valid expression of dissent. The fact that no one has gunned them down demonstrates pretty fucking clearly that violence against people is not really big in the arsenal of liberals. The fact that no God has grabbed them from their picket near the funerals of dead soldiers or anyone and strung them up by their intestines and allowed them to be organ pinatas for starving Third World children is probably the best evidence out there that atheists are right.

Speaking of atheists, for us, the sign "God Hates Fags" is more or less the rhetorical equivalent of "Micky Mouse Hates Spics." Oh, really? Your fictional character has a problem with someone? Well, fuck you, let's just invent Super-God who kicks your God's ass.

But, ah, shit, much as it sucks, the Supreme Court's 8-1 decision was correct to affirm the right of the inbreds to wave their retard signs of hate. "This nation's destruction is imminent," cackled one of the inbreds like Walter Brennan on a meth binge. That was in appreciation of the decision and completely without irony.

So you see that sign up there at the Wisconsin State Capitol? It reads "Walker Sucks Koch," in reference to Governor Scott Walker and the wealthy conservative financiers whom he blows. What the Supreme Court also said was that, as long as it's in a public space, let your freak flag fly, man. "God Hates Fags" is now where the bar has been set. Surely we can be more creative when it comes to more of our causes. Justice John Roberts told us to go for it.