Why Glenn Beck Needs to Be Repeatedly Cock-Punched (Class Warfare Edition):
On Wednesday night's fine television programme, Watch Glenn Beck Eat His Own Feces, the host opined about funds being used for things like libraries and parks while cops are being cut from city budgets. He got especially upset about $750,000 being spent on "an opera house" in Baltimore: "How about we get the rich who never pay their fair share to buy their stupid, snotty opera house?" (For the full effect, check out the video where he also screams, "Mountain Dew and Cheetos.")

This would be the same Glenn Beck who on January 21, 2010 said that the Obama administration was providing Americans with "a daily barrage of Karl Marx-inspired class warfare;" who, on March 11, 2010, mocked John Sweeney for teaching AFL-CIO interns how to use "class warfare ideas and tactics;" who just back on July 22 said of Democrats long-range plans, plans they've apparently been planning for 30 years and were just awaiting Barack Obama to make them come true, "Class warfare anyone?"

When liberals say what Beck said about "the rich" needing to pay their "fair share," they are called "socialists" and inciters of class warfare by people like, you know, Glenn Beck. Will we get to see Beck actually chew on his own ass? Time will tell.

Fun fact: The funds to renovate the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore came from a loan from the city that was voted on and passed by the people of Baltimore. In other words, the city, through its citizens, was investing in something that creates jobs and brings in tourists, which enhances revenue, which is what, you know, conservatives are supposed to support.

Bonus points for outright racism: Talking about Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who is black, Beck said, "You got it going on. Word to your mommy."