Two Chances Left to See One of the "Hottest Shows at the FringeNYC":
Yep, according to nytheatre.com, Heterosexuals is one of the hottest shows at this year's Fringe Festival up here in New York City. And it's also one of the most polarizing:

Is it “a bold, brutally honest look at monogamy, infidelity, and the desperation of being single...presented in an articulate and funny manner,” as Danny Bowes of nytheatre.com says?

Or is it a “misogynistic” and “miserable—and gratuitously potty-mouthed—cavalcade of infidelity, monogamy anxiety, and straight-male angst,” according to Paul Menard of Backstage?

Is it “a gut-wrenching exploration of the power of the human sexual drive” that “manages to break new ground...Excellently written and performed,” as says Nancy Kelly at Theatre Is Easy?

Or is it “sex talk for the sake of sex talk, ‘shock’ for the sake of shocking...a detached, observational outing….like anonymous love-making,” as Matthew Murray of Talkin’ Broadway writes?

Or it could be “a deconstructionist take on sexual nature that focuses on primal urges” that can be “uncomfortable and surprisingly raw,” according to Chris Kompanek of Theatremania?

Which side will you come down on?

There's just two more chances to see the Rude Pundit's new play:

Monday, August 23 at 8 pm
Wednesday, August 25 at 2 pm

All performances at The Cherry Pit at 155 Bank St.