The Rude Pundit's New Play, Heterosexuals, is "Bold" and "Brutally Honest" (Like Stephanie Miller):
Heterosexuals is "a bold, brutally honest look at monogamy, infidelity, and the desperation of being single" that contains "one of the most impressive acts of passive-aggressive cruelty one is ever going to see onstage" in "a show to be seen if you like your comedy with a healthy dose of truth and insight, and if you like your truth and insight presented in an articulate and funny manner."

And you've got four more chances to see it at the New York International Fringe Theatre Festival:
Thursday, August 19 at 2 pm
Saturday, August 21 at 10 pm
Monday, August 23 at 8 pm
Wednesday, August 25 at 2 pm

All performances at The Cherry Pit.

And here's this week's adventures with Stephanie Miller, where we barely talk about gay stuff: