Violent Things That Have More Influence on Kids Than Movies or Video Games

1. The guns you can buy at family-friendly places like Cabela's, a "sporting goods" store. This is from their 2016 Black Friday ad:

2. The President of the United States saying, "This crazy man who walked in wouldn't even know who it is that has (a gun), that’s good. It's not bad, that's good. And a teacher would've shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened." You can put in the words of any politician who glorifies gun violence. Same effect.

3. These pathetic idiots on an open-carry march.

4. The NRA's Mistress of Doom Dana Loesch telling gun owners to be ready to go to war. And the NRA in general.

5. Dumbass parents who teach their kids as young as 5 to shoot semiautomatic guns.

6. Trigger-happy cops, whose actions teach that shooting first is just what you do.

7. The worthless death penalty, which teaches that murder solves your problems.

8. Oh, yeah. And maybe all the motherfucking guns themselves. Maybe the real, physical guns that can fucking kill people have more of an influence than fantasy deaths. Or is it just easier to blame fiction than blame reality?