Donald Trump Gives Us More Sedition and Hate

For a man who talks like an old Vegas emcee trying to make Bugsy Siegel smile, constantly saying that he "loves" wherever he happens to be or whoever happens to be in front of him, President Donald Trump can't help but show how much he hates pretty much everyone. Oh, he can put on an act, but, time and again, he demonstrates that he hates America, he hates Americans, he hates the Constitution, and he hates our institutions. Sure, he loves people cheering for him, so he fakes it as best he can. But to get those cheers, he makes sure he shits on whatever will make the crowd slaveringly applause.

In his pissy little speech he gave yesterday in Ohio at the Sheffer Corporation, Trump couldn't just tout his administration's economic "achievements," almost all of which are possible only because the Obama economy is still running strong. No, he had to, as is his way, shit on people and things left and right.

On manufacturing work: "Those are real jobs, not the other kind where they talk but there’s nothing there." What the fuck are those jobs? Is it the media? Executives? Goddamn, Gramps, why are you dissing white collar work? Your kids do that shit.

On trade deals with other countries: "[W]ait until you see what’s happening over the next two or three months with what we’re doing to countries that have treated us so unfairly. In many cases, so-called 'friendly countries.' I don’t call them 'friendly.' I don’t call them 'friendly.'" So the goddamned president is telling our allies that he doesn't consider them friends to the United States. Can't wait until they tell us, "Hey, pal, go fuck yourself over North Korea."

Then there was the frankly bizarro repetition of lines. There was the repeated assertion that Democrats, the recipients of many piles of shit from Trump, are going to raise taxes. And this is an actual line from the White House transcript of the "speech" (if by "speech," you mean, "the kind of dumbass improvised bullshit you expect when a shitfaced uncle tries to make a toast at his nephew's bar mitzvah"): "We’ve got to do well in ’18, and I know we’re going to do great in ’20. But I think we’re going to do well in ’18. I think we’re going to do well in ’18. I think we’re going to do very well." I didn't mess that up. That's what he said. He repeated the same line almost verbatim four times in a row. And he wasn't leading a chant.

While one thing Trump said got all the attention yesterday (and we'll get to that in a second), the entire speech was like his usual stream of consciousness nonsense, except it was like someone had hit him in the head with a hammer before he spoke. He went on to cajole the crowd to not skip out on voting in the midterms. Or, as he put it, "Maybe they go to a movie in ’18. None of you are going to a movie, I hope." And then he explained, "You win the presidency and you take it easy, and then they come and surprise you in the midterms. They call them the 'midterms.'" Yeah, we fucking well do. They've been called the "midterms" for over a century. It's as if Trump thinks he's giving his listeners some inside scoop on politics when he's just giving them a watered down version of the pablum he spoons into his maw every morning straight from the Fox and Friends bowl.

Trump was unrelenting in criticizing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. With Hillary Clinton out of the picture, Pelosi is going to become the woman who is the face of liberal evil for the next election cycle (they call them that, too). No fewer than three different times, Trump attacked Pelosi, and he revealed the strategy of the RNC: "She’s our secret weapon. No, she’s our secret — I just hope they don’t change her. There are a lot of people that want to run her out. She’s really out there. And I’m supposed to make a deal with her?" God, he's such a fucking infected prickhole.

So when Trump called Democrats "un-American" for not applauding when he was giving "positive news" during the State of the Union, it was of a piece with other shit he was saying during the speech. And while the White House can attempt to spin his picking up the word "treasonous," from someone shouting it, as just "a joke," Trump sure as shit didn't sound like he was joking. (Now, craven brown nosers in the GOP caucus are lining up to join Trump in saying Democrats were at least un-American in not blindly clapping for an asshole who regularly pisses on anything they say or do.) But then he moved on to attacking Democrats directly: "They don’t care about the security of our country. They don’t care about MS-13 killers pouring into our country."

And we can roll our eyes and think that we've heard it all before. Except if we do that, then we accept that this is the way our politics will be, that this is what a president should be allowed to get away with. The man called half of the Congress un-American and traitorous people who want murderer immigrants to come to the United States. Earlier in the day yesterday, he tweeted that Rep. Adam Schiff "Must be stopped!" This is dangerous shit to tell a nation where a good third of the adult population actually believes Trump's shit-river of lies and provocation, a nation that is buried in guns. The President of the United States is declaring that one of the political parties is filled with enemies of the country simply because they don't worship him like the Republicans do. That shit is new. Other presidents may have thought that, but in public they always talked about respecting the other side, even if they disagreed. You can wave it off or say the honesty is refreshing, but the world doesn't fucking function if leaders don't know how to shut the fuck up.

And, besides, since when do we have to fuckin' clap for anyone or anything? Fuck that shit.

Let's end here with one of those absurd, over-the-top Trump moments that often get overlooked because he's constantly engaged in seditious speech. Talking about opioid addiction and drug abuse in general, Trump really said, "You know, one drug dealer can kill thousands of people. One drug dealer. If you ever did an average — nobody has ever seen this, you’ve probably never heard this before — but if you ever did an average, a drug dealer will kill thousands of people." Now, likely, he meant one head of a cartel, but it sure sounds like he thinks some corner dealer is responsible for the deaths of thousands. And if you've never seen this before, it's because it's not true.

And no president was ever such a extravagant liar that they would try to tell you that it's true. But you can bet that millions of Americans take it as gospel now.