Buy Tickets to the Rude Pundit's New Play About Sex:
At the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival, the Rude Pundit debuts a brand spankin' new play what he wrote and is directing: Heterosexuals, all about two women and a man and how screwed up sex makes us. It's a savage, dark (and kinda hot) comedy with three great actors in it: comedian Jeff Kreisler, Anne Teutschel, and Elizabeth McNelis.

Howzabout a totally out of context line to tease ya?:
"So I tell him if he wants those DSLs S-ing his D, he’d better start lap, lap, lapping."

Tickets are on sale now in New York City in August for $15 in advance (and the Rude Pundit will be at every performance):

Click on the date to purchase tickets for the FringeNYC performances:

Tuesday, August 17 at 6:30 pm
Thursday, August 19 at 2 pm
Saturday, August 21 at 10 pm
Monday, August 23 at 8 pm
Wednesday, August 25 at 2 pm

All performances of Heterosexuals are at The Cherry Pit at 155 Bank Street. The show runs about 75 minutes.

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