When It Comes to the Filibuster, No Hypocrisy Is Too Far for the GOP

Today, Senate Majority Leader and bespectacled squirrel nutsack Mitch McConnell went on the attack at the suggestion that Democrats would try to block any Donald Trump-nominated shit-tossers from the Supreme Court. "[T]he American people simply will not tolerate" such an action, said the man who made obstruction and filibuster the twin pillars of GOP fuckery for the last eight years and who continues to justify blocking President Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland, on a vague, made-up rule about when a president gets to decide who is on the court.

Not only that, but it was literally just two months ago that Republican senators were literally saying that they would not confirm any Supreme Court justice nominated by a presumptive President Hillary Clinton. Literally: "If Hillary becomes president, I am going to do everything I can do to make sure four years from now, we still got an opening on the Supreme Court," said terrible Senator Richard Burr, since reelected in the terrible state of North Carolina.

And the typical response from the festering dickholes on social media when someone on the left points out that Democrats are just doing something that Republicans either have done or have said they were totally gonna do? A whiny "Oh, you hated it when Republicans did it. Aren't you just hypocrites?" No, fucko, what's hypocritical is all of a sudden acting pissy when someone else does the exact same shit you did. Goddamn, it doesn't even fucking occur to these sphincter mites. If Republicans sacrificed their virgin children to Ba'al in order win elections and all of a sudden Democrats decided to get in on the unholy action, Mitch McConnell would be making a statement against using children in ancient blood rites while he was still holding a dripping knife.

In an interview yesterday, Senator Chuck Schumer said of the Democrats' elimination of the filibuster for cabinet picks in 2013 that he wishes "it hadn't happened." But that puts the blame for the rule change on Democrats when, clearly, it belongs with Republicans. In four years, Republicans had filibustered 30 Obama nominees for positions in the Executive Branch. That compares with 20 in all of the previous history of the United States. Instead of bemoaning the action the Democrats took so that President Obama could have a functioning cabinet, Schumer should be saying that the motherfuckers of the right wouldn't stop fucking mothers unless someone stepped in and smacked their hard-ons away.

The filibuster is about to become the Democrats' biggest ally and the GOP's greatest nemesis. They will screech and cry about how Democrats won't let the "historic mandate" that President Trump has be fulfilled. And Trump's idiot hordes will weep and rend garments, even as they die in the streets from lack of health care, demanding that their slobbering mad king be allowed to run riot. Democrats will have to gird their loins and hike up their pants to get ready for the shit storm that's coming their way for the crime of just trying to desperately prevent the whole country from sliding off the mountain on a hill into the wasteland below.

The greatest hypocrisy will come when the GOP votes to eliminate the filibuster completely. And then the reign of the shitheels and the bumblefucks can begin in earnest.

(Oh, and, by the way, Senator McConnell, if the American people gave two shits about who is blocking Supreme Court nominees, your ass would be on the street right now. It ain't a winner of an issue.)