Suffer and Die Alone, Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort is one evil motherfucker. We knew that from his work for Putin-aligned Ukrainian political figures and in his work getting Donald Trump elected. Whether those two interests crossed over is something we'll hopefully learn for sure. But there's a good chance that Manafort's efforts in support of Viktor Yanukovych, who was beloved by Russian oligarchs, led to a massacre in Kiev of anti-Yanukovych protesters on February 20, 2014. That makes today the 5th anniversary.

But people who know more about that shit are the ones who should write about it. What I want to talk about is the fucking, which is more firmly in this here blog's wheelhouse. Because when it comes to conservatives, somewhere, fucking is involved. Fucking, or the denial of fucking, is a foundational belief of modern conservatism. And you can bet that fucking will rear its erect head in just about any scandal involving conservatives.

So here we go.

A pretty goddamn extraordinary article by Maya Gurantz in the Los Angeles Review of Books delves into the hacked and leaked texts of Paul Manafort's daughter, Andrea, many to her sister, Jessica.  This happened in 2017. Gurantz looked through the 285,000 texts, many of which deal with wedding plans and pregnancies, and she finds one giant thing that most every article or report you've read or seen about Manafort has left out.

That would be "a decade of coercive and manipulative sexual behavior, in which Manafort allegedly forced his wife, vulnerable from having sustained brain damage after a near-death horseback riding accident years before, to engage in 'gang bangs' with black men while he watched."

Did you just do a double take and read that again? Because I sure as shit did. Then I went to the actual texts, many of which Gurantz quotes. But here's how Andrea described it to her sister in 2014 (and, yeah, this is skeevy and slimy and personal and invasive and all those things, but Manafort helped dick over at least two nations, so fuck him and his privacy):

"this is bad jess
she just admitted to me how she feels like she always does stuff he want[s]
but he doesn't do stuff she wants
and i asked what does he make you do
and she said group sex
for ten years
and it makes her sick"

Then Jessica interjected, sarcastically, no doubt, "Oh no" and "yayy!!"

Andrea continued, rather unrelentingly to her sister.

"she is saying we can never tell him we that
she is confiding in us
but if he finds out we know, there is no way he will forgive her
for telling us
he likes to watch her
She has to leave him if she doesnt want that and he does"

Jess then said:

"Dad is a sex addict andrea. Ive known about this for a long time...
[A family friend] told me she saw forms dad filled out for them to do this"

Further on, things get a bit more specific:

"but apparently he has a thing for black men
hard core.
one time it was 6 black men in a hotel room
i hate him jessica. i think i hate him."

"she says that when its a private activity its only men
when they go to sex clubs then there are women

"And they put it on internet websites?"

"he puts her dating profile on websites to arrange meet ups"

"she asked why so many black men and he said bc they are the ones willing to do it"

"i hate him jessica, i am being really strong right now and telling mom its okay and i don’t judge her and the only thing that really upsets me is how this all made her feel and he made her feel that way
but btwn you and me - i fucking hate him."

At one point, they try to figure out how it would work with "an all black gang bang on one woman." They figure out up to four: " Mouth - one person on each side of you. Switching back and forth." Also, Manafort would sometimes take part, but "he like could never get off" and mostly liked to watch.

They have great sympathy for their mother, saying that "Its basically rape" and "She is a destroyed person." This started when Manafort's wife, Kathleen, was 52, eight years after the horseback-riding accident, which he helped nurse her back from, but she still suffered long-term damage. They also talk about how they fear their mother will kill herself and that she's very scared to lose her marriage. And Andrea says that after her upcoming wedding, she never wants to see him again. In the next year, Manafort would enter a clinic for mental illness and cry to Andrea on the phone that he was thinking of suicide. If you're getting the feeling that that was more manipulation, it's hard not to. Hell, he had a mistress that was 30 years younger and who he lavished with tons of gifts, all while telling Kathleen he'll divorce her if she doesn't get fucked in the face and ass at the same time, even if she doesn't want to.

What do we do with this information? Is it just another layer of fucked-up on top of the fucked-up? No, I think it tell us something about not only Manafort, but about Donald Trump and the people he surrounds himself with. And maybe it also tells us something about the seething sexual control that drives so much of conservative ideology and what a bunch of bullshit that is.  Goddamn, the immorality of those who push punishing morality on the rest of us.

And Manafort was there for the building of the modern GOP, from his work with College Republicans to all the fuckery that he, Roger Stone, and the heinous Lee Atwater did in the 1980s to his firm's eager work polishing the turds that were dictators around the world. They helped twist entire populations to believe things that were harmful to them. So, of course, Manafort did that to his wife. Of course, he promised her he'd take care of the family if she just gave in to the group sex. What has Manafort done but put nations through forced and coerced gangbangs while he watched and got off on it.

Of course, in each case, it all turned out to be a lie. Manafort can't take care of his family anymore. He probably can't even save his own life at this point.

Last week, Manafort appeared in court. Jeffrey Toobin on CNN commented, "This is a man who looks like he’s dying. He is walking with a cane. He looks disoriented. He has declined so precipitously in prison that when you realize he has now lost his cooperation agreement and the chance for a lower sentence and he’s facing an entirely separate prison sentence in the Virginia case, a 70-year-old man is looking like he may die in prison, and it is just a profound thing to think about." Toobin was offering some kind of generalized sympathy.

Whether or not Manafort was faking it, I don't give a fuck. He isn't just some skunk who lied to the FBI. Manafort is one of the reasons this country is on its current fucked path. And he tortured his wife. Suffer, you prick. Die alone, poor, confused, bereft of everything, not even a tragic figure because that would imply some goodness. No, die the way the evil are supposed to die, in a cell, hated, sick, and fading into dust.