On Vacation, Boss

So, yeah, I'm far away in Spain. Barcelona, to be precise, on a much-needed escape from the intense fuckery of the Trump administration. It's a goddamn paradise on that account. Unlike the UK, I haven't seen a single piece of protest art (or, and this is entirely unlikely at all, supportive art) mentioning or picturing our dumb motherfucker of a president. Nothing. No graffiti. No signs. No posters. Not a goddamned word stenciled anywhere.

You got that, Donald Trump? Nobody fucking thinks about you here. Nobody fucking cares about you. They have other shit to do and worry about, like Catalan independence and that kind of shit.

Anyways, I'll be back in a week or so after working my way through all of Seven Deadly Sins between here and Valencia. Except maybe Wrath, although perhaps this counts.

There will be a guest post or two. So look out for them. And be nice to each other while I'm away. Replace the weed you smoke. Don't worry about the whiskey. And smoke nasty-ass cigarettes out on balcony.