Podcast, Patreon, and More Ways to Get Even Ruder

Last Monday, I put out the latest episode of Another Goddamn Podcast. That was the first part of my interview with the awesome writer and comedian Sarah Cooper. The second half will be out on this coming Monday with another new episode. What's with the sudden regular posting of the podcast as opposed to my half-assed, whenever-the-fuck-I-wants approach I was doing?

I'm now part of the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network, with Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang, the hysterical Frangela, Dean Obeidallah, Randi Rhodes, and Bob Cesca (with more joining). It's like a cult with way less branding on our asses. And it's all a bunch of legit funny, pissed off people talking filthy about politics. 

You don't have to download them all (although you can and should because it's all free). But you can still subscribe to AGD Podcast, you can rate it, you can review it, you can live it, and it will make sweet love to you and treat you like you've always deserved to be treated.

Also, you can sign up for the Rude Pundit's Patreon page, where I post bonus material not seen or heard anywhere else, and you can donate as little as a buck a month to get more writing, more audio, and more interviews. In the last couple of months, Patreonanists have jumped into a conversation about which Democrats they currently support and they've read about my chatting up Michael Moore and the funny story of a thief I know, as well as a humor, pop culture, and other shit that needs to get out of my brain. Just $1 for a little extra rudeness, $3 for more, $5 for way too much, and $10 for more than I can even do right now. Goddamn, I gotta sleep sometimes.

If you're someone who doesn't want to donate monthly, if you just send me $50 or more, I'll send you the last 12 months of written posts. If you send $100 or more, shit, I'll throw in some of the audio. You can donate to ensure I never run out of whiskey, the podcast keeps going, and because you wanna feel good about supporting this shit.  Donate through PayPal either here or by pressing the magic button on the side there.

Ok. Enough housekeeping. Back Monday with a new episode, a new blog post, and a new Patreon post. It's not like we're running out of material in this fucking ludicrous age.