Join Patreon for More Rude in 2019

You gotta sign up for the Rude Pundit's Patreon page. There's shit tons of bonus stuff. There's extra bloggery (like this year I held my breath and dove into the foul online QAnon Reddit pool and reported back), storytelling (like being a mall Santa in Louisiana and naked ice-diving in Denmark), audio fun (like advice for dealing with climate change deniers and a tale of how I got fired from Sears), and more (like a video interview with a total MAGA cretin).

And it all starts at $1 a month and goes up from there. The more you pay, the more content you get, so it's like I'm a peep show or a prostitute, but just for you.

Yeah, I'm gonna keep hawking this because, well, it's so goddamn cheap. It keeps ads off all the pages. And the end result will be that I can hire someone to edit episodes of Another Goddamn Podcast so I can get them out to you faster and better-sounding. (I'll probably buy some whiskey, too, because, well, I will.)

Let's expand the reach of the rudeness in 2019.