A Good Day to Subscribe Patreon It Up for the Rude Pundit

Today is a fine day to subscribe to this here blog's Patreon page. For a buck a month, you get a bonus blog post a month. For three bucks a month, you get that bonus every week. And for a magical fiver a month, you get the posts and early access and/or extended versions of Another Goddamn Podcast, my thing where I interview funny people every other week.

I just posted an extended interview with comedian and former senior producer for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Benari Poulten. He's been in the Army Reserves for 18 years, and he has stories about his time working at Gitmo and in Iraq. Don't worry - it's funny stuff.

You can also catch up on posts you missed there, like "Trying To Explain the South to Some Yankees" and a teacher's perspective on guns in the classroom.

Plus, you'll keep me in weed and whiskey, which is how you want me. Trust me on that.