The 14th Anniversary of the Rude Pundit: Give Me Money (Last Plea)

One question I've gotten from a couple of people this year is "Why the hell did you start blogging?" The answer is simple: Because back in 2003, there was shit that just wasn't getting said, and it was up to all of us to say it.

And the follow-up is usually "Why continue blogging?" The answer is simple: Because of some fucked-up compulsion I can't control. And, even more so, because the rude readers are awesome, as they have been for the last 14 years. Some of you have been with this profane corner of Left Blogsylvania since the beginning, and some of you have jumped on the rude train only recently.

So on this, the 14th anniversary of this joint, thanks for the compliments, insults, arguments, and agreements. No, I still don't give a shit in that I don't need the ego boost or any such bullshit. If I ever start posting or retweeting love messages, someone punch me in the face. But it's damn nice to know you're out there.

And you've been damn kind this year for my biennial fundraiser. You've joined up on Patreon, which you can do starting for a single buck a month, and you'll get some extra bonus subscriber-only rudeness. You've given outright on PayPal (which you can still do - see that button over there? Or click right here).

While I'll still bug you occasionally about Patreon, especially once I get the podcast up and running and start producing more videos (thanks to your donations), I won't be hounding you for cash for at least another couple of years.

But I've got a fresh stock of whiskey (again, thanks to your donations), enough to make it through the inevitable impeachment/resignation/coup, and more material than any lone, obscene blogger can handle. Let's keep going, dancing into the conflagration together.