Donald Trump Is ISIS's Dream Candidate for President

The first question this here blogger thought of after listening to Donald Trump yesterday was "What the fuck do you think England, Germany, and our closest allies are going to do when you refuse to allow their Muslim citizens into the United States, you blithering orangutan abortion?" Because one way to make it pretty fucking clear that we're at war with Islam is to treat Islamic people like they are guilty of crimes they didn't commit, don't support, and are pretty fucking pissed about.

ISIS couldn't have asked for a better candidate to be running for president. If Trump were to win, it would be like Eid all year long for them. What more could a terrorist ask for from a decadent Western country? It would run nonstop on ISIS websites: Mega-rich hedonist Donald Trump, proclaiming he loves Jesus and hugging the American flag, in his gold-plated penthouse that makes Saddam Hussein's decorating taste look minimalist, on his private jet, in photos with mostly naked women. And then, when he goes on one of his tears about how the United States needs to go after members of the "Muslim community" who he thinks are supporting terrorists and how mosques need to be held responsible, just edit that shit and there's your recruitment video for the next generation or so.

Didn't we learn a goddamned thing after 9/11? Trump is so proud of his lie that he never supported the invasion of Iraq (when, in reality, he turned against it when pretty much the entire nation was turning against it), that it was a mistake, that he would never make that mistake, that he wouldn't overreact in that way. But his entire "plan" for dealing with "radical Islam" is to overreact like a paranoid schizophrenic on PCP discovering a mosquito stinging him. By the time he's done, he'll have scratched off his skin and be bleeding to death, but, goddamnit, he's not itching anymore.

Everything we did in the years after 9/11 played into the hands of al Qaeda. Every. Fucking. Thing. From Gitmo and Abu Ghraib to the Iraq "war" that helped drag down the economy to the terror alerts that were meant to keep the entire population shit-scared. And here comes this fucking flaming lunatic declaring that the best thing to do is demonize Muslims, torture prisoners, and bomb "the hell" out of places that we're already bombing the hell out of. Oh, and then pretend like this is a more sensible policy than every fucking thing we did after 9/11. It's like ISIS said, "We need someone who is going to alienate America's allies and enrage even larger segments of the Muslim world than President Drone Murder. Oh, hey, who is that the Republicans nominated? Fuck, yeah, motherfuckers, that persimmon-colored man is a gift from God right there."

Today, President Obama, finally had enough of listening to Trump (and, let's be honest here, many other conservatives) whimper their pitiable whines of "He won't say, 'Radical Islam.'" He showed Trump his pimp hand and back-slapped him: "Are we going to start treating all Muslim Americans differently? Are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? Are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith? We’ve heard these suggestions during the course of this campaign. Do Republican officials actually agree with this? Because that's not the America we want. It doesn't reflect our democratic ideals. It won’t make us more safe; it will make us less safe -- fueling ISIL’s notion that the West hates Muslims, making young Muslims in this country and around the world feel like no matter what they do, they're going to be under suspicion and under attack." And he couldn't have had more contempt in his voice than when he said the phrase "politicians who tweet." He might as well have been spitting in Trump's stupid face.

It's really this simple: If you support Donald Trump, you are giving aid and comfort to ISIS, more clearly than just about any Muslim in the world.