Too Much Bad News? Enjoy Ted Cruz Contemplating Reagan's Penis

What is poorly-drawn Senator Ted Cruz thinking about in this image from his campaign coloring book? Is it that the creepy Reagan head gave blanket amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants? Or that Reagan talked to his enemies (and illegally sold arms to Iran)? Is Cruz wondering if Reagan would even be allowed in today's Republican Party?

Or perhaps he's contemplating what it would be like to lean in and kiss Reagan, right on the lips, at first gently, tentatively, to see if Reagan was into it, and when Reagan didn't pull away, Cruz could kiss harder, needfully, forcefully, flicking his tongue in and out of Reagan's mouth, before Cruz reached down and massaged Reagan's half-erect penis to full tumescence, pausing to look into Reagan's eyes for the okay to continue, Reagan barely, almost breathlessly, nodding, as Cruz descended to his knees, unzipped Reagan's Haggar slacks and allowed the imagined huge, veiny dick to flop out, with Cruz gasping for a moment before licking it, lapping all around, just getting Reagan throbbing in anticipation before Cruz engulfed Reagan's dick in his mouth.

Yeah, probably that. Either way, though, you know Cruz is jacking off with his other hand.

(Fun fact: That Reagan line is totally quoted wrong. But you can get the book for $10.)