Brief Beach Blogging: Tweets Of the Damned (Debbie Schlussel Edition)

(The Rude Pundit is on the last night of his beach time, eating steamed shrimp and washing it down with Pacifico, a fine choice to help fall into the torpidity of the evenings. But he's got time for a quickie with you.)

The Rude Pundit isn't 100% sure what a Debbie Schlussel is or what she does, so let's just say she's another goddamned conservative word-puker who hates Obama, jizzes for Israel, and doesn't give a shit who has spent his life trying to make the lives of the poor around the world just a little bit better.

Yeah, Jimmy Carter has advanced cancer. At 90, it likely means he's not long for this world. On principle, the Rude Pundit doesn't have a problem with mocking the dying or the dead. He's certainly done his share.  And while it seems a bit weird to call Carter a "cancer" for building houses for people, as well as eliminating diseases that have devastated third-world nations, if that's what floats your rickety boat on your river of shit, fine.

But at least be interesting about it. Or clever. Or nuanced. Or anything other than just thuddingly, dully, dumbly insulting for the sake of insult and an idiotic hashtag.