Your State Sucks: Louisiana Sucks Because It Doesn't Value Women Equally

Oh, it's always bittersweet when you have to say that your one-time home state sucks. Considering that the Rude Pundit has blazed a trail of debauchery throughout the nation, there's a good chance he means your state. However, this time, and for a reason you might see coming, he's going back to where he came from, Louisiana, and telling you how the Pelican State, the Sportsman's Paradise, has failed women again.

No, this time it's not the state's bullshit abortion rights restrictions, which don't go far enough for Gov. Bobby Jindal, soon to be a contestant on "Who Polls Lower Than George Pataki?" And, nope, it's not that the state's legislature watered down a bill to prevent domestic abusers from getting guns, allowing that sometimes a man will just beat a woman on the first date on a whim and that man should not be punished by losing his God-given right to a rifle.

Louisiana sucks because a study by the National Women's Law Center placed the Bayou State at the bottom for wages for working mothers as compared to working fathers. Mothers who have jobs earn 58.2 cents for every dollar employed dads make. The nation as a whole did shitty: 70 mommy cents for every daddy dollar. Last year, the same group ranked Louisiana last for all women: 65.9 lady pennies for every gentleman's buck. So...huzzah for consistency? The comparison is men and women, fathers and mothers, in full-time jobs, so shut the fuck up with whatever "But moms..." you're thinking.

By the way, second-to-last isn't even close, statistically speaking: New Mexico mothers make 62.7 cents for the pop dollar. The top of the chart is Washington, DC, with a still-low 90 cents.

The Republicans who run Louisiana would claim until the end of time that they love mothers, they support mothers, mothers are the foundation of society, and other trite bullshit. But until legislators at all levels are willing to put up the money to prove their devotion to their moms, their words are as hollow as the 40% of the purses of the state's mothers.