Do Not Fear the New Look

The Rude Pundit was trying to fix something on his old-fashioned template, bringing out his rusty html skills or lack thereof, and he deleted the fuck out of a bit of code that he hadn't saved.

After a great deal of cussin' at the spiteful machine in front of him, he decided to embrace change. So it'll look a little different around here now, as you can see.

He's still futzing around with it. He's gotta re-enter each blog on the old roll hisself, so that'll take a couple of days. And he's not sure what to do with that big empty on the upper right corner. Elegant white space? Stupid ass logo? We shall see, we shall see.

One nice change: you can finally click on the title of the post to get a link to that post alone. No more complaining about not knowing what to do (click on the time - that was all - it was that goddamned easy).

It's a brave new world, motherfuckers.