Republicans Have Reached Maximum "Shutthefuckup" on Obamacare

Republicans Have Reached Maximum "Shutthefuckup" on Obamacare:
Like many Americans, the Rude Pundit has reached the "ShutthefuckupShutthefuckupShutthefuckup" point when it comes to listening to critics of the Affordable Care Act, especially Republican members of Congress and ratings whore scandalmongers in the media. It's long past time for them to have shut the fuck up and tried to help make the law work better. Yet they will not shut the fuck up. They keep the fuck yipping away, each one trying to be the loudest little bitch in the chihuahua pen, hoping that bugnuts teabaggers will pick them up and pet them for their yipping.

The only thing that makes watching TV news tolerable is imagining Eric Cantor getting ass fucked by angry polar bears who don't even bother eating him. Just fucking the shit out of his ass while Cantor bumpily tries to accuse the Obama administration of hiding problems with the program. So the polar bears have to fuck his face to shut him up. Ahh, peace at last, except for polar bear grunts and distant whimpers.

Republicans are going to be increasingly desperate as the month of December wears on, not just because President Obama said yesterday, more or less, "Yeah, you can suck my dick and I'll still veto any stupid ass repeal bill you try to squeeze out, Boehner." No, the desperation is tied to what will happen on January 1.

The reality that's gonna slam the opponents of the bill in the face like a frying pan on a cartoon cat is that, no matter how many people have signed up by then, 100,000 or 10 million, the benefits are gonna kick off on New Year's Day. And very quickly after that some newly-insured constituent in a district of a GOP House member who opposes Obamacare is going to go to the doctor. And that constituent is gonna discover that being able to go to the doctor is a very good thing. And that constituent will let others know that he wasn't shivved by the ghost of Karl Marx, that he just got a prescription to clear up that skin problem that's been bugging him and all he had to shell out was his co-pay. And then every Republican in the country knows that, at that moment, it's game over, man, game over. You will take away people's Obamacare when you can pry it out of their cold, dead hands.

But, on the way to that moment, Democrats and supporters need a few talking points. So why not base them around this:

Does anyone have a rough calculation of how much money the GOP has spent trying to block or repeal the ACA? Sure, we got the $15-24 billion that the shutdown cost the economy. But what about all the other bullshit efforts? The dozens of votes, the ludicrous hearings that the vile, worthless Darrell Issa keeps having (even today)? What's it all costing the government and the nation? Now, imagine if that money had been used to make the law work better.

C'mon, Republicans. You're all about saving the money, mocking every program that costs pennies compared to tax cuts and wars. Why on God's green earth - oh, wait, sorry, you don't believe in being green - why the fuck did you waste time and money with all the effort to repeal something that was unrepealable? To make a point? Hoping that the Senate would say, "Ok, if they vote to repeal a 40th time, we'll do it, too"? Wishing that Darrell Issa was anything more than a laughable fraud? Well, shit, all that money tossed on the "I hate Obama" bonfire could have been used to reduce the deficit, something you and your Ryanesque gods jack it to constantly (or, you know, it could have been used on jobs programs or, shhh, on the ACA).

But, no, really, instead, go ahead and spend more of our (according to you) precariously perched tax dollars while you talk about runaway government spending. Try every way to block the law from having a positive impact.

Go on and, for instance, mock the idea that young, healthy people should have health insurance. How about next time some uninsured 27-year-old is diagnosed with cancer, they send the bill to Reince Priebus? Or Mike Rogers? Or whatever fucksack is blathering on endlessly about the ACA without offering a single rational idea for an alternative other than "let 'em die."

That hand has been overplayed. It might not seem like it yet, but come January 1, no matter how many problems there are along the way, one yokel with his prescription eczema cream is gonna fuck your world up.