Thomas Sowell Thinks Women Shouldn't Be in Combat Because Men Will Rape Them:
There's a few reliable things on the right. One of them is that, no matter what, someone who is considered relatively mainstream (meaning: "newspapers still feature him/her") will say the most eye-rolling, shit-themselves ignorant thing about any topic. On the issue of sexual assault of women in the military, we get conservative columnist Thomas Sowell, whose photo looks like a cross between Atlanta child murderer Wayne Williams and Samuel L. Jackson in Django Unchained.

In today's column (if by "column," you mean, "the rasping whine of a patriarchy that has masturbated itself to near-death"), Sowell posits that it's simply not possible to have a military without rape and that's because the dudes and the ladies just can't keep their hands off each other:

"For thousands of years, people around the world had the common sense to realize that putting young men and young women together in military operations was asking for trouble, not only for these young people of both sexes, but for the effectiveness of military forces entrusted with the fate of nations... The real question is whether either sex functions as well with the other sex around. If you don't think either sex finds the other sex distracting, you are ignoring thousands of years of experience around the world."

The truly weird turn Sowell takes is that not only can you simply not stop the raping, but that you can't stop the false accusations of the raping, which Sowell spends enough time on to make it seem equivalent to the raping:

"How much of this country's military resources do you think should be diverted from preparing for, and fighting, battles involving life and death to adjudicating conflicting stories about who did what to whom, and whether it was consensual or not?...You cannot un-rape somebody after the fact. Nor can you restore the honor of someone unjustly accused and convicted to appease civilian politicians on a rampage."

Yes, the plague of women in the military accusing innocent male soldiers of rape must be stopped. And you can tell those women to stop beating their own faces and bruising their own vaginas. Obviously, the best way to do this is to punish women by reducing their role in the armed forces and not the men who are only following the natural order.

Note: We can also count on Democratic males who suck the dicks of generals to walk away from doing anything, too.