In Brief: Clarence Thomas Fights Against Discrimination (Against Whites):
If savage old Simon Legree had been standing behind Clarence Thomas while he wrote his concurring opinion in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas, he would have kept his whip coiled at his side, so pleased he would have been at Thomas's contortion of history and law to do the white man's bidding. For while Justice Thomas joined the 7-1 (with Justice Kagan recused) decision today saying that affirmative action programs at the University of Texas could only be a last resort in achieving the goals of diversity on campus, the Court essentially decided not to decide on whether or not affirmative action is constitutional (and overturn previous precedent). It was, in just about every way, a punk-ass decision, and Antonin Scalia (briefly) and Thomas (at length) agreed but called "bullshit," saying they wanted to toss out the baby, the bathwater, and the tub.

Justice Thomas wrote an opinion that could have been penned by Bull Connor's lawyer. Indeed, in the future, students will study how Thomas calls affirmative action standards a type of "discrimination" against, presumably, whites and males. They will read with wonderment where Thomas says, "It is also noteworthy that, in our desegregation cases, we rejected arguments that are virtually identical to those advanced by the University today. The University asserts, for instance, that the diversity obtained through its discriminatory admissions program prepares its students to become leaders in a diverse society...segregationists likewise defended segregation on the ground that it provided more leadership opportunities for blacks." That is a motherfucking breathtaking leap of logic: because segregationists said something as it relates to total separation of races, it applies to efforts to eliminate the separation of races.

Is that a stretch? Then let Clarence Thomas explain it as clear as the cool water Emmett Till's corpse was tossed into: "There is no principled distinction between the University’s assertion that diversity yields educational benefits and the segregationists’ assertion that segregation yielded those same benefits." Truly, what the fuck does that even mean? It's like saying that because Jeffrey Dahmer raped corpses, sex is bad. Man, a white nationalist couldn't have spewed more perverse reasoning on a KKK comments page.

And then Uncle...sorry...Justice Thomas goes further. It's not just segregation that shows us how bad elimination of segregation is. Slavery itself offers us that example: "Slaveholders argued that slavery was a 'positive good' that civilized blacks and elevated them in every dimension of life." Again, follow the ball bouncing around the inside of Thomas's empty head. Affirmative action to end racial disparity that came from generations of discrimination is, in fact, discrimination. Therefore, if you say that affirmative action is a good, you are saying that discrimination is a good and saying exactly what slave masters and segregationists said. Therefore, the only real way to end discrimination is to never try to end discrimination.

"Indeed, Clarence," said Simon Legree, thumb rubbing the whip handle. "Indeed."