End the Week on a Positive Note: Norway Says, "Fuck You and Your Ideology, Anders Breivek":
Sometimes, a nation needs to stand together, to rise to the occasion, in order to say to a single person (and, by extension, anyone who loves or believes in that person), "Fuck you, fucker." The United States had a moment like that when thousands of people booed President Bush's plane as he flew away from DC after the 2008 inauguration. "Fuck you, fucker." Good times.

So, to end another week where, in this nation, every day seems to bring another blow to our individual rights and liberty, let us turn our weary eyes to Norway, where freedom is something that people are really, truly willing to die for. For 40,000 or more people turned out in the Youngstorget square in Oslo to sing a song to spite a mass killer who said it brainwashed the youth of the nation.

Yeah, Anders Breivik, whose rampage of guns and a bomb left dozens dead and more injured, a son of a bitch whose proper punishment should be to shoot him in the kneecaps and leave him to the wolves of the eastern forests (hey, we're giving him a fighting chance), said, in language that would do most of the Republican base proud here in the U.S., that "Children of the Rainbow," a variation of a Pete Seeger song, helped make public schools "indoctrination camp" for "cultural Marxism and multiculturalism." (Has anyone done a "Rush Limbaugh or Anders Breivek?" quiz yet? Because you could open with this: "I see all multicultural political activists as monsters, as evil monsters who wish to eradicate our people, our ethnic group, our culture and our country.")

And so, based on a call on Facebook, all these thousands of Norwegians, including cabinet ministers, came together and, led by the song's writer, Lillebjoern Nilsen, sang the innocuous lyrics, "Say it to all the children!/And tell every father and mother./We still have a chance/to share our hope for this world." Not to try to negotiate the brain of a lunatic, but there's nothing in the song about killing the rich white people and dividing their possessions, but, hey, "Marxist" is a degraded term now, no?

At the end of the singalong, which took place in other towns, too, in one of the great "Blow me" lines in recent history, Nilsen said, to Breivek, to the people there, to those who support Breivek's brand of hate, "It is we who win." And then a few thousand marched in the rain to the Oslo City Court and laid roses at the fence around the building that held the murderer, the actual monster, who, yes, had quite obviously lost.