The Rude Pundit on Monday's Stephanie Miller Show (and a Correction):
Yesterday, on the soon-to-be-on-Current-TV Stephanie Miller Show, among other issues, the Rude Pundit mocked Rick Santorum's belief in acts of God. And then he and Stephanie Miller got all disgusted and confused about the GOP's war on women.

Correction: Like many a person writing about Mike Daisey and This American Life, the Rude Pundit said the Ira Glass program was from NPR. That's wrong. It's produced by Chicago Public Media and distributed by PRI. NPR stations just buy it and play it. And if you can tell the difference, more power to you. The Rude Pundit apologizes, but would like to say that he made the error only for the sake of the dramatic point of the blog post and he stands by the truth of it, even if it was totally wrong. (Tip o' the hat to rude reader S.L., who has become kind of the unofficial fact checker/grammar goon of this blog.)