In Brief: Fun Quotes About Mitt Romney (Updated):
These are from a Massachusetts newspaper while he was governor of that state from 2003-2007. Essentially, he started running for president as soon as he was elected. And he was always douchey about being a conservative in oh-so liberal Mass:

From the Berkshire Eagle, June 26, 2005: "Romney tried to make his election as governor look like some Herculean political feat in a liberal state like Massachusetts, by saying that he felt like 'a cattle rancher at a vegetarian convention.' He also referred to himself as 'the only red dot in an entirely blue state'...Massachusetts has had four successive Republican governors since 1990. Romney is just one of the faces of these governors. Today there is nothing special about being a Republican governor in this state."

New campaign slogan: Mitt Romney. Nothing special now, either.

From the Berkshire Eagle, June 27, 2006: "The governor's failure to attract new business to the state is one of the reasons he would have faced an uphill re-election fight had he decided to run for office again...His lack of interest in Massachusetts is a major reason why the part-time governor and full-time presidential candidate has no credibility on Beacon Hill, and his failure to understand how government can simultaneously boost both business and the communities they are located in is another."

Or perhaps even better would be: Mitt Romney. Newt may outright stab you in the back, but Mitt will just get bored with you.