Haiku Review of 2011, Part 3: The End:
The Rude Pundit read so many haiku this past weekend he thought he would turn Japanese. Here's the last ones for the look back at 2011, one year closer to our doom at the hands of bankers and Republicans, all to be televised with gleeful approval by Rupert Murdoch. There's no accounting for why your haiku didn't get chosen. Nothing personal, Vince G. and everyone else. Perhaps there's only so many Rick Santorum jokes that one can take (yes, yes, ha, ha, frothy shit, cum, and lube, that's great). Perhaps it's just the Rude Pundit's mood. But, hey, thanks to all who took the time to write.

Other than the election, what was most on everyone's mind was jobs, money, and occupation. 2011 is done. Let's toss the corpse in an acid bath and move on:

From R.H.:
My Target Shopping
Saved the economy.
Where's MY lobbyist?

From Tim L.:
The only "union
thugs" I saw at Occupy?
Cops using chem bombs.

From Tom G.:
Where did the coin go?
Rich got richer - poor got screwed
History repeats.

From Robert J.:
History's proven
that the greatest leeches are
Ayn Rand's devotees

From Gavin B.:
I will bring the torch
you will bring the gasoline
The bankers go first

From Bernie J. in NYC:
Song of the American People
Rights? Rights? Who needs rights?
We’ve got American Idol
And internet porn

From Steve L.:
Osama is dead
America does its best
Killing in the night

From dear, longtime reader Iris K. in Germany:
Fukushima what?
Some people ask, and they say
I only watch Fox.

From Doug S.:
Arab Spring, then what?
Just because Qaddafi's gone?!
Spring leads to Winter.

From Cheeseflap (really?):
Drill Baby Drill

Pests jump to new spot
Untapped pools of treasured blood;
Earth needs flea collar

Okay, one last Santorum one:
From Rev. Ron:
He Deserves It
Poor Rick Santorum
Google gleefully fucked him
Right up his tight ass

And shameless shilling done by Jack H. of Illinois:
One Rude Almanack
My pre-order placed and paid
Do the same, fuckers.