A 12 Year-Old Talks to Occupy Wall Street Protesters (A Blanket the Earth Post):
Here's your heartwarming and politically relevant video for the weekend. A 12 year-old associate of the Rude Pundit - think of her as his James O'Keefe except with journalistic ethics. She was down at Occupy Wall Street in Lower Manhattan last week, and she interviewed some of the people there, including a professor, someone who was fired for organizing a union at Walmart, a homeless woman, and a former soldier whose nurse mother lost her retirement funds.

The Rude Pundit is going full steam ahead with his idea to give blankets and coats and hand warmers and more to the OWSers on Friday, November 25. He'll be coordinating things in general and organizing whatever donors can be there in New York City. He's had volunteers offer to coordinate in Austin and Atlanta.

Howzabout some people for some really cold cities, like Chicago or Boston? Head over to the Facebook page or Twitter feed to learn more.