You Want to Come to the Rude Pundit's NYC Reading on Monday, May 2:
Just one more goddamn reminder: On Monday (that's tomorrow or today or, if you're late, yesterday), the Rude Pundit will be reading at the Half King in New York City. Manhattan, to be preciser.

The comfy bar, the kind of place where Norman Mailer would gladly box Ernest Hemingway while Dylan Thomas drifted into a coma in the corner, is at 505 W. 23rd Street.

The event's from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. That probably means reading/questions starting a little after 7. Drinking for much of the rest of the time. The reading's free.

You can just show up, or, if you're feeling social network-y, you can RSVP at the Facebook.