In Brief: Three Things the Rude Pundit Thought He'd Be Able to Avoid Writing About:
1. Birtherism. The Rude Pundit has avoided spending a whole lot of time with the ludicrous debate over whether or not Barack Obama is a "natural-born American." But because people who call themselves journalists (and Fox "news") indulge this bullshit, the idea lives on. Here's how this should have gone in every news report dismissing it: Crazy people say X. Here's actual, physical proof that X is wrong. Therefore, crazy people are crazy. If you give credence to X despite the actual, physical proof, you are crazy (or a manipulative fuckwad who'll do anything to stay in the headlines), no matter how much money you trick people into believing you have. Next subject?

2. Michele Bachmann, Actual Presidential Candidate. Are you fucking kidding? No, really, are you fucking kidding?

3. Defunding Planned Parenthood. Goddamnit, didn't we finish this debate back in the 1980s? So the GOP plan to get the economy going again is to try to shut down businesses engaged in legal activities and thus put thousands of people out of work? Now that's quality leadership. 'Cause if we're gonna stop funding shit that conflicts with our morality, the Rude Pundit's got a long damn list of weapons manufacturers and oil companies that he'd like to prevent from getting our tax dollars.

A semi-mature populace should be in an uproar about any one of these. The fact that we're dealing with all three should be enough to cause street riots. And having them as part of a debate about the direction of the nation is enough to make the Rude Pundit want to suck down some water from a reactor in Japan.