Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Slap His Forehead and Down a Vicodin:

Yeah, that's another oil well blow-out. Yeah, it's in Louisiana, in Assumption Parish. Yeah, it's pretty much the Middle of Fucking Nowheresville (even if a few homes were evacuated and roads closed). Yeah, it's happening right now.

Of course, you see those green fields around the spraying well? That's sugar cane. Of course, the cause was probably a blow-out preventer that didn't work or wasn't installed properly. Of course, the oil has drifted to farms a mile away. Of course, it's gonna take two to ten days to cap it.

No, this is not about false equivalences. No, this well is not the same as the BP Gulf of Mexico leak. But it does demonstrate once again how completely integrated into our day-to-day life the wells themselves are, that they are not simply distant platforms in the ocean or There Will Be Blood-esque derricks in vast plains of dirt.

Bonus points: Oil is coming from the annulus, "the circular space, or void, between the well pipe in the center of the well and the face of the well bore." Some jokes are self-evident.

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