Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Kick Radar in the Nuts While Wasted on Soju:

No, that's not the newest giant monster in a movie by the director of The Host, although the similarities are striking. That's former President (really) George W. Bush, and he was speaking to 60,000 people at a prayer ceremony in Seoul on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War which, you know, hasn't officially ended yet.

Bush praised U.S. troops in South Korea and said that the nation was "a shining example of the power of freedom and faith." Some Christian groups were a little less than pleased that Bush was chosen to represent their faith: "It is just nonsense to bring to the Korean War prayer meeting the former US President Bush, who started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have him give testimony." They added, "No, really, there's Christians out there who haven't started wars who could've talked. Just don't get the molesty kind."

This angered the Bush Giant, who ate a thousand peaceful pilgrims and decimated the kimchi warehouses of Busan. He was last seen stomping off the coast towards Jeju Island to hump Hallasan volcano because, according to the former president, "it's hot and wet, like pussy," before drifting to sleep.