Columnist Star Parker Says George Washington Would Hate Gay Marriage:
So, like, the Rude Pundit doesn't know who the fuck Star Parker is, nor does he care, and neither should you. But, without knowing a single thing about her or even bothering to research a single fact about her life or other beliefs, he feels sure that he can safely have a visceral hatred of her and everyone who buys Parker's steaming, leaky, poisonous pool of slaughterhouse hog shit that is her most recent "column," posted for your retching pleasure at the online open sewage ditch known as Townhall.com.

The basic premise of it is that she really fucking hates gay people, who are just fucking up Washington, DC with their gay fucking. After giving us the stats on the rate of HIV/AIDS infections in DC, she actually writes, "Amidst this dismal picture, the DC City Council, perhaps on the theory that serving up another glass of wine is the way to help a drunk, is scheduled to vote on December 1 to legalize same sex marriage in America's capital city." You got that? A vote to legalize gay marriage is a vote to give people AIDS. One could argue that same sex marriage, with its emphasis on, you know, monogamy, might actually help to reduce the HIV infection rate, but then you'd be thinking with logic and facts, which are the domain of the smug, amoral elitists who run the nation.

Parker quotes George Washington on religion and morality, which she claims supports her thesis that fags and dykes are awful people, then she cites a Brookings Institute study on marriage, and then tops it with a piquant sauce of the Catholic archdiocese of DC threatening to take its Jesus and go home if the law passes, the poor and sick be damned, just like Jesus would do. Her garnish is this line: "It should concern every American as we watch our nation's capital city transform officially into Sodom." Don't look back, Star.

So, in other words, she thinks that George Washington would want public policy to be based on religious belief. That's some fine understanding of history there.

This is what we're up against in the ongoing battle over gay marriage. That someone can confidently state this kind of opinion and not be treated as a pariah or a madwoman is about right for this degraded state we're in. Yeah, we're on Gomorrah road, motherfuckers, but not because gay people want to get married. Hate crimes against gays went up 11 percent last year. One imagines that the "morality" of Star Parker is one of the reasons for that.