In Brief: Over Half of Republicans Support Obama on Interrogations:
Fox "news" has a predictable little article on its website. Titled "Poll: Americans Oppose Obama's First Two Executive Orders," it talks about a Gallup poll where, by huge numbers, Americans support nearly everything Barack Obama has done so far. Indeed, Gallup titled its release "Americans Approve of Most Obama Actions to Date." Indeed, the Fox piece says, close to the end, "Despite clear disapproval to the two executive orders, an overwhelming majority of Americans said they supported the president's first actions as president."

That's some fine damn spin there. It's like saying that you loved every position your boyfriend fucked you in, that you came like you thought the head was gonna blow off your dick, but all you can talk about is how he should have bitten your left nipple a little harder.

Of course Fox "news" tries to make the poll seem like Republicans are viciously turning on Obama: "Obama's executive orders are especially unpopular among Republicans. Only eight percent said they approve the president's decision to fund overseas abortions, while 11 percent said they agree with his order to shut down Guantanamo." Except that, out of seven executive orders, a majority of Republicans approve of four. And 41% approve of a fifth one.

The most surprising result is the number of Republicans polled who approve of Obama's executive order "Limiting interrogation techniques on prisoners," as Gallup put it. 58% of them think Obama did the right thing (74% overall approve). That seems like a significant fact, one that puts a lie to much of the idea that Americans think we need torture to be safe. And it says that most Republicans think torture is fucked, too.

But you wouldn't find that out from Fox "news." When one's head is so far up one's ass, it's hard to see beyond the piles of your own shit.