Wal-Mart Says, "Our Brain Damaged Ex-Employee Whose Son Died in the War Can Keep the Change":
Just because a pack of hyenas didn't feast on the body of one wounded zebra doesn't mean they've become vegetarians.

And no matter what the stooges and lackeys at Wal-Mart say, allowing Deborah Shank to keep her pittance of a trust was purely, cynically the product of bottom line fears. Or, to gloat, on the left, Shank was our anti-Schiavo: a living, breathing, semi-functioning human who needed to be defended. And we won.

But keep the "Let's Get Wal-Mart" ideas coming. There's more than a few good, creative, and eminently possible acts of civil disobedience being sent in.

Back later with more damp rudeness.