The Rude Pundit at EschaCon '08:
The Rude Pundit will attend his first gathering celebrating the joys of leftist bloggery and other full-contact sports when he shows up at EschaCon '08 in Philadelphia at the lamb side of March.

On March 29, the Rude Pundit will participate on the humor panel with other fine and funny bloggers and writers, and he will be performing that night as part of the evening's concert and party. One or two of the blow-up dolls may make an appearance, too. All at the intensely convenient location of the Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown, where blossoming young bloggers may ask the Rude Pundit to return to their rooms to "show you my laptop."

And, sure, he'll enjoy the Americana wonders of Philly, demanding that he be allowed to drink ale out of Ben Franklin's skull.