Presidential politics, Hillary, Obama, bloggers and race matters

Remember the old saying, all that glitters is not gold? Or the other old saying I like better, "This is a bunch of bull-shit."

Well it appears that the media's love affair with Obama is fading fast. Check out the headlines Flubs Start To Pile Up For Obama or how about this one; Bumbling Obama.

Hold up, analyst are saying bloggers could play a big role in the 2008 election. I wonder if black political bloggers are part of that equation? let's see if the Afrospear and the AfroSphere Bloggers Association can make things happen for African American communities.

It seems that Obama may make it hard for a number of black bloggers to support him if he continues to screw up with talk of invading Pakistan. (Brother fucked up big time)

Who are Obama's advisors? Those comments coming from Obama, about invading Pakistan sound like George W. in black face.

Shit yeah I said it!

Senators John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (left to right, file image)

Hold up, those morons in Pakistan are criticizing Obama on his comments?

What gives them that right after letting Ben laden or whatever that ass holes name is, hide out in the mountains of Pakistan. but hey, Black Americans, like all Americans should take a serious and close look at Hillary and Obama, just like the government of Pakistan is doing right now.

Well not to worry, they both (Hillary and Obama) will be at the lilly white, YearlyKos forum. I'm sure they will get the backing of that organization. You know that guy Moulitsas thinks bloggers are softening hostility towards Clinton. Maybe the guys at the convention want to check out Hillary's now infamous, what do you call it cleavage.

Do you wonder what bloggers he speak for (just guess)??? The many bloggers who are attending the convention, of which 98% are probably white, with a majority white males.

Hey, stop crying because I'm telling the truth. I'm not the only one saying this stuff, as the beltwayblogroll notes in their post, "The media have converged on Chicago for the second annual YearlyKos Convention that began today, and tens of thousands of words are bound to be written about the event before everyone leaves town after the weekend. But where were all the journalists a week ago when the BlogHer conference was held in the same locale? That's what Jennifer Pozner, the founder and executive director of Women in Media and News, wants to know. She thinks America's great female bloggers deserve as much attention as the "blustering A-list boys of the 'netroots.'"

"If many believe that blogging is a primarily male sport, it is partially because old-school gender disparities in resource allocation, power and popularity long entrenched in traditional news media are replicating themselves online," Pozner wrote in an article for the Women's Media Center.

"In the blogosphere, young men -- mostly white and mostly economically comfortable -- link to, write about, promote and fund their buddies' blogs; and corporate media play star-makers, quoting, profiling and featuring the punditry of this New Boys Network."

: See I told you!

But hey you got to give it to the DailyKos or Yearlykos, or whatever they call themselves. They know how to get to Hillary and she knows how important "white bloggers" are. She has made every effort to change her schedule to attend a Q&A with YearlyKos to address the bloggers.

RAW STORY reports, Clinton originally did not plan on participating in the breakout session because she had to return to New York immediately after the forum Saturday night for a prior commitment, her campaign said. Billionaire Ron Perelman is hosting a $1,000-per-person Clinton fundraiser that night in the Hamptons on Long Island; it is part of a weekend-long series of fundraisers in the exclusive enclave that is expected to add $1 million to the New York senator's presidential campaign fund.

But hey, I guess that's how Democracy Works with white blogger types and presidential candidates - $1,000 plate dinners and a Yearly damn Ko.

Hey, but that is just my fucked-up opinion, maybe the next guest blogger has different opinions than mine, but guess what? Like the Rude Pundit, I really don't give a royal flying shit. Next up.... on Monday Angry Black Bitch.