John McCain Happily Dances For the Religious Right:
Oh, how John McCain's North Vietnamese captors loved it when he danced for them. McCain had been wounded repeatedly in combat, and his halting, pained twists and turns provided no end in delight for the interrogators at the Hanoi Hilton. It was his version of Martha Graham's solo piece "Lamentation" that brought the most applause. Surely, for McCain, the performance was a mourning of the loss of American prestige in an ill-run war, but for his jailers, it was a funny white man limping in circles. Covered with a blanket. Of course, dance was not enough, though, to keep his audience pleased. And when another prisoner came along with fancy Bob Fosse moves, well, how could a purer example of art compete with such showmanship. In the end, McCain's failure to shift his dance into more of a pop culture mode got him regular beatings. McCain knew he had to come up with another way to keep the NV happy.

So McCain decided to take it to the lowest of the low denominators in dance: stripping. He worked furiously at a routine that would end with him thrusting his scarred groin in the faces of the gooks. Unfortunately, that wasn't degrading enough. McCain's fellow prisoner/dance rival soon added lap dances to the mix. Sighing, not wanting to get beaten more, McCain started giving blow jobs to the eager guards. The other guy then let the NV and visiting VC fuck him in the ass. Then it was on. Both McCain and the other guy now working it like the skankiest Shanghai hooker, seeing who could be the biggest cum whores in the Hanoi Hilton.

There came a point where McCain had to admit that this was no longer about survival in horrible prison conditions. It was about winning for the sake of winning, no matter how much cock he had to gobble, no matter how many ruptured capillaries in his anus. He was happy to do it, telling his fellow American POWs that he was essentially taking semen-stained bullets for them. But at some point, performance becomes reality, no? What you act is who you are, no matter how much you protest otherwise. When McCain finally faced this hard truth, a pair of VC dicks in his hands like ski poles, and he decided to give up all the favors he had been giving, god, how he was beaten and tortured, how he was starved and raped.

Yes, John McCain's learned behavior was to please those who could do him harm, and he experienced the harsh lesson that no matter how much he tries, once he grants power to those who could harm him, he has to keep letting them have their way with him or they will turn on him with all the viciousness of, well, a torturer on a victim who actually has information worth a limb or two.

McCain was never Johnny Maverick. And the dance he's doing now to please the religious right is not sad, but inevitable, although they nutzoid fundies aren't about to let him merely dance for their pleasure. He's gonna end up back on his wobbling knees, ready to show his captors once again that he's worthier of their attention than their other willing prisoners.