They Hit the Rude Pundit (And It Felt Like a Kiss):
Oh, the Rude Pundit has received his share of people who don't feel the throbbing effulgence of his love. In honor of the start of his third year of bloggery and in answer to several reader questions, herewith are the best of the swats and flying kicks taken at the Rude Pundit (leaving off names 'cause, you know, fuck them; and not correcting their punctuation or grammar 'cause, you know, fuck them; and leaving off the death threats because, you know, fuck them, too):

-- "Your mentality, at least as you express it in writing, is sadly lower-order, and it is close to a waste of finger time to point it out to you. As you say you don't care anyway. I'm sure your mother is proud of your exercise of your 1st Amendment rights, and maybe she thinks its cute your use of the term 'cunt' in reference to a thinking female, simply because you don't like the way [Ann Coulter] thinks, but more apparently because you can't comprehend what she thinks."

-- "Hey, look at me! I'm the Rude Punbitch, a name I use to hide the fact that I'm an out-of-shape, middle-aged, irresponsible white man! I can act all tough and hardcore on the internet, cuz look! I use naughty words!"

-- "Where the hell you think you can get the sacred name that is god given to hindu brahmins when you have as filty shit covered tongue who uses such foul language. We hindu brahmins let others use this name. But we assume they will act in a civilized manner. You are a sicko." (The writer was referring to the word "pundit.")

-- "I can't believe that a human being would say the things you say, especially about Terry Schiavo. What if that was your daughter, sister, wife, or mother, would you still feel the same way, if you would you are one sick individual. You should never ever make fun of peoples faith in God. It's quite obvious you are not a christian (due to the fruits you expose in your comments) and you don't focus on God's word... some day you will take your last breath just like Terry Schiavo did, but unfortunately you will not be rejoicing like she is right now, you will be in hell, eternally burning and in pain, begging, screaming and praying for relief, but it will then be too late." (The Terri Schiavo posts received the largest amount of hate mail - and also the unintentionally ironic death threats.)