Judith Miller In Jail:
Today, when jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller, kept snug in Alexandria, Virginia next to Zacarias Moussaoui, heard about the terrorist bombings in London, one might hope that a tinge of regret passed through her. Perhaps she shouldn't have spent as much time being head cheerleader for the powerful in D.C., gobbling up fabricated info on the phantom Iraqi WMDs as hungrily as an old porn star sucking young cock for all she's worth so that the industry will still pay for her bad plastic surgery and AIDS tests. And, oh, how they treated her like their willing dog as she was unquestioningly listening to her masters' voices, feeling the Chalabi leash yank, the Rumsfeld scratch behind her ears, on all fours, ready to fetch them their slippers at the arch of an eyebrow. Good girl, Judy, good girl.

One would think at such moments as this that Judith Miller would bow her head, hoping that her enabling stenography wasn't even a tincture of the reason that those who planted the bombs today were able to plan and carry out this new horror. Maybe Judith Miller doesn't feel so much like Rosa Parks or Daniel Ellsberg today, as her newspaper would like us to think. Perhaps she feels like the useful fool, screaming on the street corners that the end is coming from the sky when, indeed, it is coming from streets themselves.

Nah. Self-righteous whore probably just thinks she's a martyr to the good fight.