The Air Quality Ain't the Only Thing That Sucks in New Jersey:
Sure, sure, there's lots of significant things about New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's announcement yesterday that essentially said, "Oh, sweet Christ, I have a good thirty-five years of cock-sucking to make up for. Fuck all of you, I'm headin' to Fire Island." Yeah, yeah, it was shocking when McGreevey announced he was gay and, by the way, resigning. Yeah, yeah, McGreevey wouldn't have done it if a sexual harassment lawsuit wasn't pending. Yeah, yeah, there's the whole thrilling story of liaisons in Israel, stuff that would make a great first movie for the new Logo network. And yeah, yeah, it's a great/pathetic day for the gay community in America - great for what he said, pathetic for the circumstances under which he said it.

Imagine a different story: that this wasn't about possible harassment and unethical hiring and misappropriation of state money, that it was just that McGreevey stepped up to the mike and said, "Man, I love cock. I love cock so goddamn much. I love it in my face and my ass. I couldn't be happier if right now I had a cock in each hand while some leather queen slapped my face with his cock. But my deep desire for cock in no way changes my ability to govern. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment for a rimming, a reaming, and a Rotary dinner." But, sadly, no. It was actually just a twist on the usual.

What's significant about McGreevey's announcement was the last part, that he resigned. Here was a state leader, a politician, actually acknowledging wrong and taking responsibility for his actions. The most honorable thing a leader can do sometimes is fall on his/her own sword. Compare McGreevey's action, of taking responsibility and following through on it, to President Bush last night on CNN. Larry "Vampires Need Young Poontang" King was asking Bush about the war not going "perfect":
KING: Does the buck, though, stop with you?

G. BUSH: Absolutely.

KING: President Kennedy was told the Bay of Pigs would go smoothly and then he took the rap. He said...

G. BUSH: I'm taking the rap, too, of course.

KING: So the buck does stop...

G. BUSH: Absolutely. That's what elections are about.

In other words, the buck stops with the voters - the leader is not responsible, the voters are. It's like McGreevey saying, "Society forced me into the closet and forced me to have an extramarital affair." Part of that is true. The other part, not so true. Bush is, in essence, saying that he has the biggest dick and dares you to knock that stick off his shoulder.

Lastly about McGreevey doing the honorable thing: by coming out, he has opened up a shitstorm in his life. There is no way he would be able to govern effectively. Imagine if Bill Clinton had done that. Sure, sure, Clinton was fighting people who turned the smallest lie into the hugest crime just because it was under oath, but in the end Clinton got fucked by Monica and in the end he did lie and in the end the battle with Congress was as much about ego as it was Constitutional issues. And, in the end, there's a chance that Clinton's big blow job allowed Osama Bin Laden to live and thrive another day.

True men of honor know when the state is more important than the cock.