Context Is a Cruel Bastard:
Ahh, truth, that tricky little bitch. Goddamn, how we love her when she nods our way, but how we hate that vicious cunt when she spurns us. When the motherfuck did it become “unpatriotic” to report the truth? ‘Cause, see, there really are objective, provable truths out there. Reading the names of the dead, unaccompanied by anything but photos of said dead, is not a political act. One can turn it into a political act by naming it such. But to simply read the names is merely to state a fact: here’s your neighbors who died in this war. It’s not saying, “Here’s the young innocents who gave their lives to the lies of an oligarchy bent on world domination.” It’s simply saying they died. You provide the context. Weep for those who must continue to die to “secure peace and democracy” in the Middle East, if you’re that friggin’ out of touch with reality. But you provide the context. By the way, the Rude Pundit watched about five minutes of the Nightline broadcast, realized that it was going to be incredibly repetitious, and fell asleep. It’s got nothing to do with apathy toward the dead and everything to do with the lullaby-like tenor of Ted Koppel’s voice. (In regards to Sinclair Broadcasting, someone smack the living shit out of Michael Powell the next time he says something so fucking stupid like “the people’s airwaves.”)

And then there's the torture pictures and our soldiers' apparent love of watching nude men huddle together.

Are Americans that fucking sexually repressed that the only way they can get their limp cocks and dry cunts to react with anything akin to pleasure is to act like they're fucking prisoners in the ass? Have we become a nation of Oz (TV prison show, not happy little place with Munchkins, although one assumes there's lots of ass fucking in both places)? 'Cause what ever else we can glean from the images of naked Iraqis stacked like cheerleaders at Hell's soccer game, we can assume that the soldiers who did the stacking and posing and whoever took the photos of asses and anuses loves the sodomy. Check out the grinning bitch standing behind the Iraqi asses here, lookin' like a happy dyke with a stap-on, ready to punish men for her lack of a cock. Not to mention that faggoty looking motherfucker behind her with the Village People moustache, givin' the thumbs up like he's asking for a fisting at a Chelsea bar. Christ, all of the pics have such a gay orgy at a Klan rally bent that you have to wonder if the Americans involved didn't go back to the barracks and masturbate furiously at the photos ("Yeah, Saddam, I got yer rape room," they scream as they look at the spread ass cheeks of some Sunni guy, "I got yer motherfuckin' rape room right here"). Time for the Najaf leather parlor to open - that'll win hearts and minds.

Remember today’s lesson, gang. Everything is defined by context. What if we got pictures of American soldiers held in a cave in Afghanistan, captured by the Taliban, and we saw pictures of them being tortured and forced to perform or pretend to perform gay sex acts while stripped nude in front of burqa-covered women? What if those pictures had smiling Taliban fighters in the frame, pointing at American dicks with their guns and laughing? Would the majority of Americans simply sigh and say, “God, a few bad apples spoil the honor and intentions of the Taliban”? Or would many of us want to bomb the whole fucking country again, leveling the fucking mountains and dancing with the entrails of the enemy? And what if the Taliban leadership decried this torture and degradation as “anti-Islam”? Would that outraged American majority give a damn? Or would we instead see the Taliban leaders as liars and want them just as dead?

“We” are no different than “them.” We all hate the same. And that’s a truth you better get fucking used to if you’re gonna survive in this world.

Tomorrow: The Rude Pundit’s advice to John Kerry.