Weekly Reason Bill O'Reilly Should Be Sodomized With a Microphone:
Bill O'Reilly, "author," "TV personality," and all around tiny dick, continues his ranting against NPR. O'Reilly, promoting his latest "book," went on NPR's Fresh Air to shill for sales. He ended up going nutzoid over the questions, which he deemed as tough, and ranted about a seeming collusion between Al Franken, host Terry Gross, Harper's magazine, and the New York Times. All in all, it was one of those fucking funny moments in broadcasting that make you cringe, like watching the President at a press conference, all deer in the headlights and shit. He ended up stalking off in the middle of the interview after screaming like a female ape getting gang-fucked in the jungle by a bunch of male apes.

One point oughta be made here: sure, Harper's printed the partial transcript of the time on his "show" on the FOX "news" channel that O'Reilly went all batshit on Jeremy Glick, the surviving son of a man killed in the World Trade Center collapse, screaming at him to "Shut up!" because Glick dared to claim that everything wasn't as cut and dried about 9/11 as O'Reilly wants his viewers to think. But Harper's, lefty though it mostly is, also published this article, "The Middle Mind" by Curtis White in 2002, where, among other things, White calls the show a "pornographic farce." The Rude Pundit thinks this might indicate a less than friendly relationship between the magazine and Gross. But that's a subtlety, and, well, shit, O'Reilly's about as subtle as a two-foot long black hard plastic strap-on dildo shoved up your ass.

But last night on his FOX "news" show, O'Reilly went after NPR and Fresh Air again, for the third time, this night playing the end of the interview where he yells at Gross. Then O'Reilly interviewed a Republican Congressman from Florida (always a trustworthy source), Cliff Stearns, and together the two of them circle jerked each other for a couple of minutes about how Americans pay for the liberal bashing of O'Reilly on NPR, with O'Reilly labelling the moderate National Public Radio "far left." And he baited NPR producers for not coming on his show to be belittled, mocked, and cut off. Then O'Reilly and his boy-bitch for the evening agreeing that NPR should be disciplined for daring to question O'Reilly.

O'Reilly's a pussy, a wimpy little shithead who's a bully on his own turf. Look at his two surfacings beyond his own shows: screaming "Shut up" at Al Franken in May when Franken revealed O'Reilly's lies before an audience of booksellers and now the interview with Gross. Both times he squirmed and screamed and got defensive like a ten year-old caught with porno magazines. Now, here he is, strong arming public opinion because NPR got all up in his face.