A Story So Pathetic That You Just Wanna Eat a Bag of Doritoes While Watching MTV2:
At what point does the cruelty of the Bush Administration towards the environment just become so blatant that you wonder why the lobbyists for corporate America don't just line up every day outside the Oval Office to receive blow jobs from the President? Here's what Bush and his thugs want to do, really: they actually want to allow the hunting, capture, and importation of endangered species from other countries to the U.S. for circuses, zoos, and - no, really, this is not made up - ivory trade, that wonderful bastion of slave days. According to someone evil who was paraphrased in this article: "Giving Americans access to endangered animals, officials said, would feed the gigantic U.S. demand for live animals, skins, parts and trophies, and generate profits that would allow poor nations to pay for conservation of the remaining animals and their habitat."

Doesn't this just align perfectly with the Bush philosophy? Kill things to save other things? The War on Terror just got transposed to the animal kingdom. Somewhere, the huge ballsack of a gazelle just got sucked up into its body cavity in fear.