Once a Bush, Always a Bitch, That's What I Say:
Descending bejeweled, neckless, and in garters and a thong, Barbara Bush deigned to cavort with the little people by granting an audience with NBC about her new book. Apparently the industrial strength black dildo she uses to get any feeling in her desert dry cunt was on the fritz because the former First Lady decided to lay into the Democratic candidates, try to convince us that the media is against her son, and offer ennui-laden pity for Al Gore. Apparently, the interviewer did not see fit to ask if her if she had chosen what summer frock goes with an eternity in hell for inflicting the nation with George W. and Jeb, not to mention Neil, and if every once in a while she doesn't pine quietly for a time when the evil that seeps into her dark eyes would allow her peace, if only for a moment. Check out the excerpts here.