Legislating Women's Lives For Fun and Amusement, Part 1:
So, after two tries, they finally did it: Congress finally passed a ban on so-called partial-birth abortion (which, like "pro-life" and "Clean Skies Initiative," is just rhetorical bullshit wording) and the President, who never pauses to think when some action he takes may harm living beings, will sign it and then it'll go to the courts and then the Supreme Court will overturn it and the President and Pennsylvania Senator Rick "Homos Are Icky" Santorum can hug each other and weep over the poor poor fetuses.

Because, you know, Congress really has nothing better to do, like investigating how we got into a war that kills more and more Americans everyday, which everyone knows, wink, wink, was about evil, like the evil of the Satanic cunts that would dare kill their babies with a procedure that is only performed in extreme circumstances and almost never electively and, man, aren't we in a war against evil in all its forms?

Ahh, the sweet, sweet cries of pain from women having illegal abortions are like the trumpets of angels to the righteous.