Hey, Arnie, Did You Know I Used To Lift Weights and Snort Blow Off of a Black Hooker's Belly, Too:
Our family values President met with "Governor" Arnold Schwarzenegger in California. After giving each other hand jobs in a private meeting ("Dat's gud, Meestor President, I like duh way you grab my hard Teutonic cock"), the President further proved there really is no sewage puddle too low for him to jump in when he appeared in public with the governor-elect. In what ought to be part of any Democrat's first election commercial against Bush, the President told a crowd, "The country has been hit hard during these times, and so has the great state of California." Bush then confessed how deeply he has fucked up the state: "Declines in investment have hurt the tech sector. You lost manufacturing jobs. Farmers are wondering whether they'll be able to sell their products overseas. Unemployment in this important state is too high." The rest of the article is here.

Arnie, for his part, gently squeezed Laura Bush's ass while proclaiming the President his "dear friend." Then they all headed back to Arnie's place to watch Laura and Maria do each other with pool cues in Arnie's rumpus room while the President and Governor poured beer on their still sore cocks to ease the pain. Both men called the meeting a great success.